Omni-channel marketing is leading Commerce

Omni-channel marketing is a strategic, multichannel approach that provides your customers with a unified brand experience across all customer touchpoints. Its goal is to create superior, high-quality connections that propel your customers to take action. It’s about meeting your customers, no matter where they are or where they go, with a consistent brand face, message, and all-around experience. And even if your customers move around from channel to channel, device to device, or person to Chatbot, they can easily and seamlessly do so because you’re providing them with one connected shared ecosystem. As you cannot just make a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to be successful, you have to create traffic.

Customers remember how they feel after encountering a brand at various points. No matter what time, place or channel, the whole experience with a brand leaves them with a positive impression which they always remember. This feeling is very important because it is the thing which actually compels customers to purchase the product or even tell their friends and family about it.

As per the statistics, customers who buy from a business both online and in-store have a 30% higher lifetime value than who shop using only one channel.

This clearly indicates the value and potential that the multi-channel customers hold for the business, present in front of the consumers, creating a seamless experience for them no matter what device or channel they use. This strengthens your brand throughout the customer journey and attracts the customer to you whether on their smartphone or in-store.

Netflix is one of the great examples of Omni-channel as it creates a truly personalized, unique experience for its subscribers. They manage to do it across a number of devices and customer touchpoints. Whether a customer logs in from their laptop, phone, TV they are greeted with customized movie and TV show recommendations. It also enhances the customer experience on step ahead by providing personalized content recommendations directly to a subscriber’s inbox.


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