One year later at SCMS-NOIDA

Now that I’ve spent a whole year in the best BBA college in NOIDA, I think I’m in a position to share about the college life that I can reflect on my first-year self.                         

Filled with lots of ecstasy and enthusiasm I entered the college gates, and from then on the journey of a hustling newbie to a mildly popular brat was quite interesting.

In the advent of my first year in BBA, I and all other ambition drove freshers were trying to get their names listed in the “members list” of various societies because as of then, they were the primary hotspots for socialization and as the golden rule of management states ‘your network is your net worth’ ^_^

But as the year went by, one thing was clear more than the quantity, quality mattered, whether it’s a society of your interest or your friend circle.

E-Mails which used to excite us in starting now carried with their assignments, projects, important notices like uniforms and the biggest dread. attendance. Slowly, all the categories of learners were identified, the nerds, the casanovas, the techy geeks, the fashionistas etc. etc. and accordingly the groups were formed.

I identified myself as a weird rather moderate mix of all and as a result, ended up with some alike wired people whom I now call my SCMS family :’).  *CAUTION: Friendships in college are like ocean currents you don’t even know and they change their course of flow* All in all, something or the other suiting your uniqueness is there at SCMS-NOIDA… and I hope you’d enjoy your journey here as much as I did.


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