Overcoming Insomnia

It is said that a person must sleep an average of 8-10 hours for physical and mental well-being. But does every individual sleep for 8-10 hours? Teenagers specifically do not get the proper sleep they require. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where a person finds it difficult to fall asleep. This problem is faced by the majority of Gen-Zs. The inaccurate sleeping cycle and changes in the internal clock in teenagers lead to insomnia. The heavy work schedule and burden in the present times pave the way for stress which can be the basis of insomnia. Lack of proper sleep not only affects physical and mental health but also reduces performance, efficiency and quality of life.

Teenagers do not get enough sleep on a daily basis. Their active social lives, changing hormones and careless demeanour towards sleep originate the sleeping problems. This is further aggravated by staying up till late at night and sleeping till late in the morning. This consequently disturbs their eating habits like midnight cravings This problem became even worse during the pandemic. The majority of the school and college students struggled with this disorder. They do not realize how this disorder can adversely affect their life and deteriorate their health.

Lack of physical activity in teens is majorly responsible for disturbance in the sleep cycle. The increased screen time for all the activities including classes, entertainment and social media lead to zero physical activity or any involvement in sports. Insomnia may not be seen in the beginning but it gradually aggravates and affects the body and mind. It can invite the danger of heart diseases, high blood pressure, irritation, depression, fatigue and low motivation. Consequently, it results in low productivity and a substandard lifestyle.

Teenagers must realize the importance of sleep and how a disturbed sleep cycle can affect their body, mind and lifestyle. Therefore, to create awareness of the Mentoring Cell of SCMS, Noida has hosted a webinar on Insomnia in Teenagers as a part of the value-added course by the guest speaker, Anamika Yaduvanshi. This webinar will discuss the nuisances faced by Gen-Zs and millennials due to insomnia; to cope with it, to lead a healthy and balanced life. An interactive session with a mentor and motivational speaker will include discussions of the nuisances faced by students due to insomnia and realize what habits got them into being an insomniac. The importance of a positive attitude towards sleep will be highlighted in the session and how to overcome insomnia for a better life.

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