Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Management

Emotional intelligence is kept on very high regards in almost every context. One cannot fully spread their wings and exceed their limits until and unless they emotionally challenge themselves. That is why textbook intelligence and emotional intelligence both play an important part in someone’s personality to achieve and showcase their best leadership and management skills.

Leaders of today and the upcoming leaders of tomorrow firmly believe that emotional intelligence will play a key part in their role as a leader. It is very well known that managing people and leading them requires a special skill set that people who study management specialise in. It includes various aspects of commerce, an overall development of personality, inoculation of leadership skills and expanding their emotional intelligence as well as their emotional capabilities.

This is because these institutes understand the importance and need of emotional intelligence in a managerial space. Managing and leading people is not as easy as it sounds. If a manager is not able to understand the needs and requirements of their team, and continues to act ignorant, then in that case their behaviour affects all of their subordinates as well their efficiency and productivity. They feel unseen and unimportant in their work environment. It is the manager who has to adequately lead and deal with their subordinates in the most apt manner and in which they feel the most content.

It is the manager who has to make sure that the emotional needs of all his subordinates are well taken care of. This counts a major quality that sets a manger/leader above others and proves their high abilities of emotional intelligence.

Even in today’s time a lot of people don’t prioritize or consider emotional intelligence as an important or a valid factor that should reside within a good manager. They believe that textbook knowledge would suffice but that’s not the case. Textbook knowledge does hold great importance to a manager’s role, but if a manager is not kept up with how he’s dealing with or behaving with his employees, then in that case it would have some great repercussions. Humans are not machines and hence they are not to be dealt with in a similar manner. Their emotional well-being is extremely important and should be taken under consideration. This will only result into them performing to their maximum efficiency and productivity.

Only an manager who successfully is able to inculcate an accurate emotional intelligence skill set and strives to deal with the most complex challenges to come their way, can thrive as a successful leader.

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