Power up: Boost for the race of life

“These are skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do.” Indeed, this quote by Millie Hogue is immortalised in history. This goes to show that developing life skills have historical validation and approval

The modern-day corporate world has been more dynamic, competitive and complex than ever. There is an increased demand for industry-relevant skills. People who are a part of this corporate world often overlook the opportunity cost of developing these skills i.e., life skills. Mastering life skills make you the best version of yourself. This version has significant upgrades in one’s charisma, communication and one of the most beloved Gen Z qualities, vibe. MS Excel may not be your strong suit but you can certainly bring in clients or arrange meetings with prospective clients which your firm was always romanticizing about.

The Mentoring cell has designed a value-added course that is tailor-made and curated for management students who are stepping on the threshold of the corporate world. It comprises game events, team exercises and webinars delivered by TEDx speakers, professionals and entrepreneurs who will enlighten the students with useful insights into the corporate world and how they can stay immune to social engineering attacks and from individuals/peers practising Machiavellianism.

The VAC has 18 webinars dedicated to the development of skills to equip the students to grow, hone and practise them in the corporate world. Webinars on anger, stress and change management enlighten students with the acceptance of a situation and performance of an individual in critical situations. On the other hand, webinars on Manifestation, self-esteem, handling failures are aimed to broaden the horizon of the students and equip them with fresh and latest ideologies which are personally developed by the speakers that serve as a testament to their success.

The course starts on 22nd January 2022 with CONVIVILIA, a game event and ends on 31st March 2022. There are more than 5 webinars scheduled for every month falling in the course duration (January, February and March). At the end of this value-added course, the students will be able to, stay motivated and focused in critical and stressful situations. Realize the importance of personality building, and develop habits of productive and successful people.

As we advance towards the conclusion of the course, students will witness the corporate world with a new point of view and an enlightened sense of confidence and intuition to guarantee them continuous success in life.


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    excited for this

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    Excited for the POWER UP VAC !!

  3. Arunima Gulati says:

    Incredible blog

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