Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human Existence-Aristotle

HAPPINESS. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Happiness is more of a situational aspect rather than being a stereotypical way of living. 

In fact, like most of us, are not happy all the time (let’s face it, that would just be weird). 

In reality, authentic happiness doesn’t signify a lack of negative feelings such as sadness and pain, but an ability to experience a wide spectrum of emotions while managing to appreciate and stay focused on the joy of life.

There isn’t one right way to be happy. There isn’t a specific formula that everyone must follow to find true happiness. There isn’t a secret recipe (Which is really too bad, that would be awesome.) In fact, what works for one person may not work for another because finding your happy place is deeply personal. 

Some people are minimalists who find joy with the small things in life. Some people can’t be happy even with everything in the world. Their desires are endless. It’s more of greed than happiness therefore it is short-lived.

But if we consider situations in which people lose someone they love or go through some trauma, grief is important. No emotion can be felt without the other. Happiness is truly known and understood by people who have been through grief.

You don’t have to be happy just because the world tells you to be. You can be happy when you really want to be and that can happen when you are done grieving and when you get over your pain.

Every day is not sunshine and rainbows. Just being happy is important, doesn’t mean that feeling other emotions is not. That’s what makes us humans. 

Happiness is a choice definitely but only when you choose to be ready for it. It doesn’t mean, you need to go around screaming “I’M HAPPY” if you want to then sure. Do little things. Watch a movie, talk to a friend, listen to some music or look back at old pictures.

Be kind to yourself.

There is a lot of power in realizing that we are in charge of our own happiness.


  1. Aaysha Agrawal says:

    We will surely be happy now😊

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    Such a beautiful piece of writing!

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    So nicely written

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    This is soooooo well written and so powerful 🙂

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    A beautifully written article!

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    The concept is vividly explained, great work

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    I can really relate to things written here Mitali 🙂

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    Wow! Very Well Written.

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    The Insights are good and meaningful. Great work.

  11. Nishanth Reddy says:

    a nice article to be read and what I draw from this article is if you are happy, then everyone around you are happy

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    Beautifully written, Reminds how important little things are for our happiness.

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