Science of Happiness: Finding Joy in Everyday Life

Uncovering the joy in the ordinary

“Live everyday as if it’s your last, and one day in the future when you look back, you’ll have lived ten thousand lifetimes”

In an expeditious world filled with challenges, we often forget to smile. What is a smile? A smile is a powerful emotional expression which demonstrates positivity, and helps in social bonding as it provides a sense of comfort for all. A smile is contagious, it triggers a positive response in others and fosters a more positive atmosphere. Paint this monochrome world with the vibrant hues of your joy, happiness, and infectious smile, turning it into a living masterpiece of bliss.

Have you ever experienced a moment that left you in awe, completely mesmerized by the sheer enchantment of it all? Maybe while watching your friends do a silly thing or looking at a beautiful mountain or experiencing snowfall for the very first time. These delightful moments have a unique way of staying in our minds forever. Never regret your life because the worst days give a lesson, bad days gives experience, good days give happiness, and the best days give memories.

Be like a little kid again who used to enjoy every small moment of life, who was so curious and happy to know every new thing, who was happy so see popcorn pop. One should always embrace the present moment. Life is short but it is very beautiful, you should be grateful for all little things and always nurture a positive mindset. Open your wings and fly high till you reach above the sky.

Staying happy is easy, but we tend to miss out on the basic healthy routine for a happy life. A day should-









Some rewards of living a simple life are seeing a birds nest, espy sun rising, feeling refreshed by a morning walk, spot blooming flowers in spring, the stars at nights, and a lot more but we don’t cherish these things because they can be seen every day. The day Earth becomes dark, when there won’t be any sunlight, people won’t be able to breathe, that’s when everyone would regret it all. Happiness should be found every day, every hour, in every minute and of course in every small thing because nothing shakes the smiling heart.

Life is unpredictable go hug your parents, talk with your friends, make new friends, apologize for something you did wrong, forgive everyone, you never know what will happen next. Embrace gratitude and thrive in the present moment. Rather than waiting for someone to make your life content, let the sombre clouds of sorrow drift away, behold the radiant blossoming of your happiness, like a resplendent garden in full bloom.

Embark on a thrilling journey to bring your dreams into vibrant reality. Stop sabotaging your happiness. Break free from fear and shame because inner beauty begins with a smile. Embrace the return of your zest for life and witness your refreshing transformation with both yourself and others.

“Life is too short, but you can make every moment worth!!”


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