Science of Happiness: Finding Joy in Everyday Life

“The pursuit of happiness is a journey, not a finished line.”

We, as mortal beings, tend to seek happiness in material objects, turning a blind eye to the true aspect of happiness – the one that lies within. Happiness isn’t just something that could be possessed through external sources, it has to be felt, nurtured, and embraced in its purest form. The entire human race retains a seed of happiness, a sense of delight and fulfillment that needs to be cultivated into a towering tree, that reaps the fruits of empathy and compassion. We, normally develop a predisposition to acquire all the materialistic possessions, riches, and luxuries, with a distorted perception that these mere mundane objects would impart delight, but little do we realize that happiness is much more than this.

The moment we embark on a path to contemplate the real essence of happiness, we unfold a fresh outlook toward life, and we begin finding meaning in every step we take and every decision we make. We start challenging ourselves, our beliefs, and our thought processes in the hope of leading it to a path of ultimate felicity. However, people might think it’s easier said than done, there are plentiful ways to realize the pinnacle of happiness. When an individual starts practicing gratitude and little acts of kindness, he unravels the first step in the ladder of gratification. Being thankful for even the smallest pragmatic experience we come across fosters a positive psychological mindset. Doing good to others, without expecting anything in return is something that we observe as a euphoric notion. As we acquire the habit of finding pleasure in the living moment, leaving behind the pile of stress, we start moving ahead on the trajectory of legitimate happiness. When we transit our efforts toward bringing a monumental change in people’s life, it tends to escalate our sense of rapture.

Nevertheless, the quintessence of eternal happiness does not conclude by being a savior to the world, it calls for self-enrichment as well! The most irreplaceable sense of happiness is achieved when an individual makes a resounding impact on his own life. Engaging yourself in meaningful endeavors, constantly building up the fortitude to surmount inhibitions, developing a novel skillset, following your inner voice, and most importantly, giving yourself a healthy mindset, that encompasses confidence and an affirmative sense of self-worth leads to greater happiness, that no one can seize. Happiness is not a rigid, but a transformative process that entails an articulation of a mindset that knows the art of vigilance.

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