By the time you must have read the heading of this article, 3 new startup ideas will have been born in India, that very second. With India becoming the 77th easiest country to do business in and funds which can be arranged through angel funding and crowdfunding, India now has the 3rd highest number of startups in the world.

I was recently fortunate enough that SCMS NOIDA gave me an opportunity to intern at a startup and experience first-hand and ins and outs, the whys and how’s. So, let’s start the ride.

Firstly, if you’re anyway associated with a startup, it will be a whirlwind romance. It is up to you whether to be blown away by the intensity and work pressure and workforce or stand your ground, control the situation and turn the winds in your favor.

The second most important Thing you need to know is that, if you’re a beginner in general, there will be so many things going over your head. You’ll be attending calls when you don’t get a thing and you’ll be expected to just nod and say yes sir, no sir.

Now, you have given your interview. You have passed the screenings and you have most likely made it. You are waiting for the final offer letter and suddenly it strikes you whether you are getting paid or not? xD which is a genuine doubt to have. But I’d personally advise, not to judge the internship opportunity by the stipend mentioned. There is usually a lot of training you have to undergo, (at least, I had to) but you get to learn so much that stipend doesn’t seem like a major thing.

Another tip about startups I’d like to point out is never underestimate their resources. Most of the startup owners are millennials with young, creative minds and know how to spend smartly. They make investments in such tools and software, that don’t just make it easy to file, record, retrieve but also fun to do.

A startup is a rollercoaster, that stops more than it starts. Startups are volatile. They might give you heaps of work to finish in a day or might leave you hanging dry for a week. You just need to be strapped on securely on your seat, ready to be thrown forward any day, anytime, throw your hands in the air and give your best.

So, my recruiters and trainers, the ones I was constantly in touch with, with them I had a congenial vibe from the start. When they weren’t my employees then I definitely did not address them as sir. Once, they did become my reporting officers, I realized it was too late to start calling them sir. Again, most of the startup employees are young blood, who are only maybe 4-5 years older than us. So, at no point do you feel the seniority anywhere.

I see so many people, running behind the big companies, the big names but what we don’t realize is that most of the time, the startup provides a better environment, to work in and give your all. It is flexible, it is fruitful, it is fantastic.

Maybe your life goal isn’t to work at a startup. But if you start at a startup, you will learn so many things about the ins-and-outs of business, due to direct interaction with the leaderboard and also get to use and know about the latest tech and tools.

For an adventure enthusiast like me, it was definitely the time of my life. Now, ARE YOU BOLD ENOUGH TO TAKE ON THIS RIDE? That you have to ask yourselves. (:


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