The HR Conclave opens up a wide avenue of insightfulness and well-directed exploration in the area of HR, in fact, it has now become one of the key instruments to deliver a professional and versed chain of thoughts in the corporate world. An HR Conclave not only administers a comradeship among professionals and academicians but also puts forth an informative platform for budding learners and enthusiasts in the domain.

There are countless benefits to an HR Conclave. The attendees to the conclave come across a wide camaraderie of professionals from the HR Domain, carrying with them years of hands-on experience with the evolutionary yet grounding ideals of human resources. As for the speakers, indulging in delivering an enthralling session as a part of the conclave has a huge role to play. Conveying a directorial in the HR domain & its prevalence in the very foundation of the corporate world to nurture young minds and the evolving role of the HR Domain in the same is indeed a responsibility these well-versed speakers very gracefully and efficiently deliver to.

SCMS NOIDA takes on the plunge to deliver on a similar responsibility with the upcoming HR E- Conclave. This conclave aims to bring to light the ever-changing roles of HR, especially in this pandemic. Through this conclave, we bring to the students, research scholars, academicians, and the HR Enthusiasts a lineup of professionals who will subsequently share their insights on ‘Restructuring towards HR Excellence in the Digital Era – The Future Need’.


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