Stuck in the Grey

I sometimes wish that this world was monochromatic, either all black or all white. Wouldn’t it be easier then? If it was purely either good or bad? If it was purely dominated by gods or demons? Either happiness or agony? Either love or hatred? Either yes or no? Either right or wrong? But there are greys. Greys that are neither white nor black. Greys that are neither right nor wrong. Greys that outnumber sole black or beautiful white. There are greys that are very dark and yet darker or there are greys that are pale or even lighter.

We are all greys who are mostly stuck in this self-righteous world. We are stuck in the middle of right and wrong. Wouldn’t it be easy if life would constantly check on us through answers rather than giving unprecedented results every now and then? Wouldn’t it be easy if we were just pure white and not like blots of ink on immaculate paper?

Wouldn’t it be easy then to take a stand? Wouldn’t it be easy then to accuse the sole blacks without finding even a slightest of black within us? Wouldn’t it be easy then not to doubt our moral self?

Okay wait right here. It’s never all black or all white. We often feel lost in the grey trying to push ourselves just to get out of that space and justify ourselves as right or wrong. But in this constant struggle to be either black or white, we usually lose ourselves. We have all fought battles in our lives where we have either emerged victorious or where we have faced defeat in its darkest form. All these battles build us. Its not necessary that we conquer every time. Our existence is meaningless and a full stop without the struggles that have made us who we are today. Purporting makes us hollow. 

So stay in that grey at least for a while and introspect rather than retrospect, question your own thoughts and if necessary negotiate until you overcome the futile urge to camouflage yourself in all black or all white.  Unless you feel satiated in your own grey, because legends do not fit in!


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