Every college student awaits the months of January to March with the same enthusiasm as a child anticipates the visit of an ice cream truck. Why not? These months bring college fests, which are vibrant, engaging, difficult, and all-around enjoyable, aren’t they? It’s all about making limitless great memories during a college fest. The festivals are proof of the college’s efforts to make college life even more interesting and interactive for its students. Every year, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA hosts its flagship annual festival “Symaroh” with much zeal and excitement. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Symaroh has endured and continues to evoke memories of people, competitions, and cultural diversity, all of which contribute to its greatness!

The theme for this edition of Symaroh is “EUPHORIA”. Euphoria is marked by a feeling of great happiness and excitement which accurately captures the essence of our fest. Like the previous years, the preparations for Symaroh 2022 are in full swing this year as well. The students of our college are working day and night to make this event a huge success and are experiencing their own euphorias. The liveliness that Symaroh creates in the college and among the students is beyond expectations. We have so many exciting items lined up in the buffet for you right from Drama, Music and dance to management and academics. It is like a Disneyland tour that is very hard for you to resist and once you try it, you’ll want to discover more. Students can participate in several activities including dancing, academic and non-academic events, treasure hunts, debate, and many more.

Even though it is being conducted in a hybrid mode due to COVID-19 constraints, Symaroh intends to instil ingenuity and uniqueness in tomorrow’s young leaders. Students from over 500 colleges from all around the country join us in the celebration and enjoy events that are designed for everyone. Just like I mentioned earlier, it’s like a Disneyland, so obviously it has rides for everyone! It is designed to bring students from all streams and universities together under one common roof to explore, learn, exchange, and invent. Symaroh encourages students to follow their passions, innovate, and be creative. The events are structured in such a way that they give a perfect balance of work, fun, leisure, and academic activities, allowing students to develop holistically. It’s a place where students can develop their team-building, management, and people-management abilities while having a good time as well as becoming better learners, leaders, and performers.

So, reserve your seats because the train for Symaroh 2022 has left its station and will be arriving at your respective platforms on 4th and 5th March 2022 to raise the stakes and to give you the chance to enjoy and make the most out of your college life! Come join us on a journey full of joy, love and laughter…

Life’s short, You have to have fun!


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