Symbiosis, NOIDA – The Institute that helps you find your passion

(Exploring My Passion at Symbiosis)

In today’s fast-changing world, finding your passion can be difficult because you want to make an impact, to have that feeling of satisfaction that you are worthy and your work matters.

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA provides a huge and unbar platform for all the students to help explore their passion by trying out new things, taking new risks, planning and executing it. One way of exploring your passion can be:

Looking for what interests you and start doing it

At Symbiosis NOIDA, there are a lot of clubs and societies like the MUN society, SCEI, COE, KIRDAAR etc. All these societies help in exploring various interests. If you have an interest in entrepreneurship and dream of making it big in the business world, you can discuss your business idea with Prominence, The E-Cell of SCMS NOIDA, which in its short journey has managed to make a name for itself already along with an Instagram page. If you are interested in writing, you can get on board of team Sympatrika – The Annual College Magazine. If you are interested in Accounting, you can take Finance as your major specialization. If you are interested in sales and marketing or in doing business globally, you can take Marketing or International Business as your specialization. But in order to know what really interests you, you have to try everything because passion takes time to develop. Symbiosis NOIDA takes a leap in helping its students get a clear idea about their interests by organizing various workshops, seminars and guest lectures by industry professionals, motivational speakers, and various resource persons.

As a student of a prestige institution like Symbiosis, it has made us believe in the power of passion, and passion only shows up after you commit to interest and become consistent.



  1. Shreshth Chaurasia says:

    A real eye opener, thank you so much for the guidance : )

  2. Anika says:

    really informative and helpful!
    SCMS NOIDA is indeed helpful in finding your passion and showing you the way to achieve your goals!

  3. Shreyansh says:

    Very well written❤️

  4. Priyansha Garg says:

    Truly descriptive of Symbiosis and how it can help one grow!

  5. Aryan Gupta says:

    Very informative👍🏼All the blank boxes in mind got ticked:)

  6. Pranav says:

    A great description on what happens in SCMS NOIDA.

  7. Tavishi says:

    Very well written and seems like SCMS NOIDA has helped you find your passion too! Kudos:)

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