SYMUNC:- A Symposium of Influence

You might have wondered why MUNs are certainly considered the best platform for Debating and Deliberating. Significantly, it’s because MUNs include an international perspective into the topics chosen for the Debate. It instructs you on how to Learn, Research, Communicate and How to propose a resolution or draft without being vague. So, what is the best platform for you to assess and groom yourself for these different Cognitive Abilities? Well, give some thought to it.

Got it!

It’s SYMUNC, a Conference where your thoughts and ideas will make a change. A symposium of notions where your ideology will not sink into the mud but, will establish an influence on other individuals. A place where your skills will stand out from others. In this Conference, delegates manage to align their abstractions and beliefs into influencing others, whilst relating the topic with more substantial global issues.

So, in MUNs influence primarily occurs through debates, you’re understanding and processing your theory for a certain topic and then influencing fellow delegates into considerable solutions. But you have to be more proficient, skill bounded and should present viable facts for the statement made in the conference hall. Your information should be apt and factually correct to convince other delegates of your ascendency and your leadership trait. The timing and delivery of the points made should be accurate. This is what constitutes an influential and effective speech for a delegate.

So, why is SYMUNC’22 so important?

In this modern diplomacy era, influence is the most crucial thing, it plays the chief role in forging peace and pertaining negotiations between countries. Therefore, SYMUNC’22 is an opportunity brought to you by one of the Best B-school, SCMS, NOIDA. At this juncture, you can practice your diplomacy and public speaking skills in the environment of the real Model United Nations. A symposium of ideology from all around the world where everyone asserts equal rights and influence can go in many ways depending on the delegates.

Alliances and international organizations should be understood as opportunities for leadership and a means to expand our influence, not as constraints on our power.                                                  -Chuck Hagel

Influence exhibits both effects on the world whether it be diverse or non-diverse. But to expand your horizon you need to master these soft skills to learn when to take a step back because, in today’s scenario, we are bombarded with much information every second. We look forward to this remarkable journey, of inspiring, influencing, and delivering the best articulations of your persona of ideas.

Let’s Discuss, Debate and Deliberate!


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