Syncing SYMUNC through the pandemic

Offline SYMUNC 2019

You see those Facebook memes saying- You just had to be there?

Well for SYMUNC 2019, it was the same- You just HAD to be there. 

But as presently that is not achievable, let me paint a picture for you.

A conference consisting of growing and brilliant minds, ranging from the earliest ages of 14-year-olds acing Mafia Lords to the best of chairpersons there exist in Delhi NCR region.

With the very consistent and hard-working OC and core secretariat- SYMBIOSIS made it big. 

The experience of standing in a room filled with different voices and expressions putting forward their views about agendas and concerns will never cross anything one has ever felt.

To stand amidst the very essence of debating that feeling, that is what SYMUNC brings out, always has, and always will. 

“You’ll never know if your ideas are sound until they are challenged.”

― Frank Sonnenberg

Online SYMUNC 2021

Pertaining to the new normal and ensuring the safety of all the enthusiasts who participate in MUNs, there is news that awaits!

SYMUNC has returned!!!

Yes, you heard it right, SYMUNC is back! 

SYMUNC is Symbiosis Model United Nations Conference organized by SCMS NOIDA where variegated diversities and cultures come together to debate the current issues in the world. Acknowledging the fact that Covid-19 has disrupted the schedules of everyone yet we are back with organizing one of the biggest ONLINE conferences in Delhi NCR.

 Can’t believe it? Well, yes SYMUNC ’21 is going ONLINE!

Hitherto, all the participants aka delegates have seen offline conferences of SYMUNC but the time has now come by to feel the hustle of our first online conference of SYMUNC. We assure all the delegates, to be having a captivating and enriching experience with the most skilled EB in the MUN circuit for the session which will be held on APRIL 2nd and 3rd.

Attending an online symposium brings you to connect with different people, having diverse mindsets, and how you are able to persuade them in taking forward the conference with respective to moderated caucuses in sessions. In addition to that, the ease of attending it and with a lesser fee makes it possible for all to gather an abundance of knowledge.

To put it in a nutshell, every conference of SYMUNC has something unprecedented to it. This is because we completely devote our time and efforts to the conference so that our delegates share a fruitful session with a lot to learn at the EOD.

In order to know, what is unique in this online Model United Nations Conference with an added element of surprise for delegates, DO REGISTER!!!!

Are you ready to DISCUSS, DEBATE, and DELIBERATE??


  1. Avnie Bansal says:

    Such a treat!

    Nostalgic Symunc ‘19 memories and looking forward to an amazing Symunc’21!

    Greatly built up guys.

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