In Union there is Strength… 

Team work is all about looking out for one another and reaching a common goal. 

In both our professional and personal lives, we rely significantly on teams, and being a member of a team is almost certainly an unavoidable life event, even for those who prefer to work alone. In addition to all business demands for teamwork, there are always student teams, task forces, and neighbourhood associations. Through a concerted effort, the team generates positive energy. As a result of these coordinated efforts, a level of performance that exceeds the sum of the individual inputs is achieved.

This can be evidently seen in the movie Remember the Titans, in which a college football team becomes an example for others during a period of political unrest caused by prejudice between blacks and whites, compelling others to come together and decrease the distinctions in colour between them. In most circumstances, teams contribute to increased productivity in organizations. The success of a team is determined by both internal and external factors that contribute to team players’ motivation level. Teamwork occurs when people start considering themselves as a part of a team and join forces to accomplish a certain task or to achieve a common goal. Without teamwork, people find it difficult to complete tasks that involve the assistance of others, such as constructing a house, managing a factory, or even picking food items.

Teamwork can be elucidated in a variety of ways: It’s the sense of confidence and accomplishment you get when you finish a task; it is the feeling of trust; it is the formation of relationships and friendships; it teaches you responsibility by requiring you to work together in a trusting environment, and it teaches you responsibility by requiring you to work together in a trusting environment. The faith that one person bestows on another is known as trust.

More than one person makes up a team. “In TEAM, there is no ‘I’.” Putting together successful teams can be difficult. To establish a successful team, a leader must have background knowledge of everyone on the team so that he can aid each one in a respectful manner, and so that he can assist them later if a problem arises. The SCMS NOIDA Mentoring Cell is putting on a surprise event for you all that will introduce you to the very first stage to success, which is TEAM BUILDING. So, come join us at CoBuild: Teamwork is the key on the 5th and 7th of August 2021 to experience what it’s like to work in a team and to get to know your peers better by spending some quality time with them.


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