The BHAGWAT GEETA : A Teacher In Itself

अर्जुन : जीवन इतना कठिन क्यों हो गया है ?

कृष्ण : जीवन के बारे में सोचना बंद कर दो , ये जीवन को कठिन करता है , सिर्फ जीवन को जियो।

These are some of the famous thoughts everyone should know and remember throughout their lives. The Bhagwat Geeta is one of the holy books . Schools are the most effective means to influence the life of the students. And teenage is the period which builds our thoughts. There are some lessons that students must know from the Bhagwat Geeta like meditation plays an important role for a student in their exams time, examination is the time when students suffer from tension, stress and anxiety the most. Meditation gives the power to stay calm. Gita beautifully explains  how desires enter your mind and overpower you, your thoughts and your actions. Thus, never let your desires  control you as they can destroy you. Getting caught in the chains of desire generally ends in harming, stressing, and the ultimate result is rebirth. Gita expresses that whatever has happened in your life is for the good future of you, whatever is happening to you is for your good future and whatever will happen with you will be good enough for you. One enters this world empty-handed and will leave empty-handed. Explaining that one should never become greedy in their lives, greed can spoil everything in that is yours. One of the best learning which the whole world ought to admire is, Change. Change is Permanent. And this statement is Universal Law. One can either turn into a tycoon or Pauper in a second. The Bhagwat Geeta tells us how to react to situations in the real life. It also tells us; life is all about moving on because we cannot change the past but we can improve our future by working on our present. Our ancestors have said ‘GEETA MAIN HAR MUSIBAT KA UPAYE HAI’.

Thus, the Geeta also has an explanation to how fear can ruin one’s whole decision as Lord Krishna had said, if you have any fear in our mind which means we are not clear our thoughts. There is something wrong. 

Hence, the Bhagwat Geeta should be introduced to students as a preliminary subject as it could has a lot teaching and morals to offers. The lessons that the sacred books can teach, no one subject book can do.

हे अर्जुन, मैं धरती की मधुर सुगंध हूँ, मैं अग्नि की ऊष्मा हूँ, सभी जीवित प्राणियों का जीवन और सन्यासियों का आत्मसंयम भी मैं ही हूँ।


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