The Blue Tie

Everything in this pandemic lockdown feels doomed. But if you are the Class of 2020, it must be doubly so. Let us take a moment to acknowledge the pain of the graduating students in 2020. No farewell parties, no graduation ceremony, no last day group photographs in college.

“It is often said that every wish one has, will have its own perks and drawbacks. February was a month that overwhelmed many at thought of having an off from college and potentially having almost the chance of no classes amidst the alarming dangers of Covid-19, so most of the students celebrated the thought of an off for a while. But who knew that the off would have lasted beyond our biggest imaginations?”

“The hope for an awesome farewell and the last few days of enjoyment with friends in college was planned in a picture-perfect canvas and so were the plans of what the students will do when exams are over and discussing the frequency of when and where to meet. As Covid-19 slowly became a normal thing and quarantine, the way of life, to be the part of life as we currently lead, meeting most of their friends became an online event and a plan to party a dream. Anyhow, as ever some dreams of a farewell and scribble day turns to be the thing of the past and a proper adieu nowhere near, college life just seems to be frozen in time while they know that the moment will just be in the memories as a dream of the past and that The Goodbye to be incomplete but letting them know that they are still bound by a life that they all can say is still to be lived to its fullest.”

It is a popular belief amongst the students that studying in Symbiosis was one of the best things happened in their lives. They had many memorable moments in their entire college life, starting from first day till covid-19 lockdown was announced. There have been many ups and down in their life. But the end seems to be incomplete. There were many plans for saying goodbye to college and friends but till now none have been achieved and there is no hope for the same now! They are getting closer to getting their degree but it doesn’t feel that college has ended. It feels like an abrupt end. Which they don’t want to accept but have no other option instead. The scribble day, batch photograph and most awaited farewell in which they get many memories and photographs is not happening! They have been attending their seniors farewell and planning for theirs, desperately waiting for their graduation ceremony and the cap flying but covid-19 has made everything uncertain. Now they are just waiting for everything to get normal so that they could at least end their college and get a degree with all of their fellow mates together in more memorable manner.


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