The HR E-Conclave: 2021

“Employees logically expect transparency, authenticity, simplicity, and relevance. They expect an experience that delivers on a compelling employer brand promise and the expectations it sets.” — Lisa Morris & Rob Sherrell

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the realities of our lives, our businesses, and our jobs; it has brought unprecedented human and humanitarian challenges. Institutions are precinct to cope with the influential shuffles in consumer palate, societal values, and despotic controls. Thus, it becomes clear with the transformation around the world that old skills and capabilities have to lead to the new to accelerate the transformation out of the downturn. It is the time when the HR managers have to reimagine how work is done and what role employees should play in creative and bold ways.

The awe-inspiring conglomerate of Human Resource pundits is joining the HR E-Conclave 2021 on October 8, at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida. Following the theme, “The Strength of Employee Experience in an Uncertain Business World: Redefining Purpose”, the convocation will deliver keynote speeches and solutions to recent challenges in Human Resources and Operations. The HR E-Conclave 2021 is a platform for corporate thought leaders from reputed national and multinational companies with diverse cultures and backgrounds to come together to interact and communicate their utilitarian insights on the ever-evolving face of the Human Resources industry. 

In the wake of the spread of coronavirus, the exigency of HR professionals has become somewhat complex. The talent pool requires interpersonal skills, graduates with an analytical attitude, and employees who portray resilience. This attestation when it crops up from industry leaders always falls harder into the minds of students. So, in order to build the leaders of tomorrow, it is important to keep abreast of trends in HR and what their businesses are looking for in a world that appears very contrast what it did in preceding years. An HR Conclave gives an assorted intuition into this. 

With business dynamics transposing every day, it is predominant for organizations to have a talent pool that is versatile to revamp those changes. The e-convocation will allow the students to leverage the experiences and perspectives of pioneering professionals w.r.t. the reciprocity of ideas and opinions on the dynamically changing role of Human Resources in the corporate world. Thus, the HR E-Conclave is not only a choice but a very important stratum for SCMS NOIDA to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

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