Time to Reconnect: Alumni Meet

It is believed that the success of an institution can be measured by the success that its alumni are able to create for themselves. SCMS NOIDA takes great pride in acknowledging that our alumni have played an integral role in defining our success.

As a student of SCMS NOIDA, I have observed that the Alumni have a great influence on the institution. The faculty members are still in touch with the Alumni and everyone is connected like a big happy family. The Alumni of SCMS NOIDA inspire us with their achievements and dedication. I hope that one day, we would be able to achieve the goals set by our Alumni and repeat the history! Apart from their achievements, I got to know that our Alumni consist of some really amazing people one can ever talk to. 

Before joining this institution, I was feeling quite apprehensive but then I talked to someone who had graduated recently and she patiently told me everything that I needed to hear. She briefed me about how she is still connected with the institution and how it still feels like family. Another instance where I got a chance to know the Alumni was during a college event. We were preparing for the Alumni meet and I was given the job of calling and inviting the people. Though I had just called to invite them, most of them made sure to talk to me about how I am, how is my college life, studies, etc. It all felt so good! They made a great impact on me. I was charmed with the way they talked and the confidence they had. I would like to follow in their footsteps and be the good person they inspired me to be. 

SCMS NOIDA will be interacting with their Alumni once again on 22nd May 2021 at the 5th edition of the Alumni Meet, “ये उन दिनो की बात है”, Because a nostalgia trip now and then, is good for the spirit! 


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