To the Batch of 2020

You’re the first of us, to be in the weird place of neither being in a school classroom nor being subjected to an hour of lecture in college. Although the thought of college life consumes your thoughts nowadays, at present, even that seems like a distant dream given the three lockdown extensions and quarantine mood that 2020 has gone into.

Your batch has been termed as the “experimental” batch over the years with everything that has been thrown upon you. You guys have faced everything and emerged winners from the challenges. But college isn’t a challenge. It’s a dream.

Unfathomed and undeterred, just a picturesque scenery in your thoughts. College for you at this moment is a new life, an uncharted territory, just tales of an adventure including endless nights of parties, raffling through notes a day before an exam and surviving lectures just to get that attendance.

Symbiosis, NOIDA is all of this but more. Symbiosis opens roads untraveled. It’s beautiful and scary. It’s lovely and daunting. It is the best BBA college of India, in its truest sense. It’s true, you’ll run for attendance, you’ll run for notes, you’ll run to not miss a class, but you are also going to experience things you have heard of and things that you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest of dreams. You’re going to be witnessing stuff that excites and petrifies you, both at the same time.

And all these experiences are going to leave you a tad bit mature, every single time. You’ll be following orders and giving an order at the same time, at different places. Seems confusing now? Trust me it won’t be after a while.

Because that is who a true Symbian is.

I have tried to capture the essence of Symbiosis, but I can easily say I have missed out aplenty, which you can experience once you eventually find your way to Sector 62-A, NOIDA.

Even with lockdown getting extended every single time, we have an inkling that the time to welcome you all into our small little family is close and we hope your ambitions are soaring high, and your dreams about college still remain fresh and alive.

We await your Batch of 2020, and we’ll make sure your dreams of college just don’t remain dreams.



  1. Shravan kumar says:


  2. Madhav says:

    Really interesting

  3. TEJAL GOSAIN says:

    So thoughtful and such a positive piece of writing. Batch of 2020-2023 is blessed to get admitted to this prestigious institution!

  4. Khushi Aggarwal says:

    Nice perspective

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