Value Added Courses

Nowadays the competition is increasing very drastically, and it is a challenge for all of us. If we look at the corporate world, business world or startups, there is competition everywhere and only those who possess or are ready to learn the required skills and knowledge can gracefully outsmart the competition. People join colleges and institutes to acquire new skills and expand their career options.

But the question is, is the traditional academic curriculum sufficient?

Well, the answer is a big NO. In today’s world, it is very important to have expertise in various fields and one can acquire this through Value Added Courses.

The value-added courses act as a bridge between academic and industrial requirements and are modified to ensure that learners are industry-ready. The curriculum is also structured in such a way that the purpose is accomplished in an effective way. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical development which helps students in expanding their knowledge. The classes of these courses are provided by experts and industry professionals, and they make students stand out from the crowd by adding value to their skills, knowledge, and career. As a result, instead of depending merely on the curriculum, it is essential for each student to invest their time in these value-added courses, because no university’s curriculum can effectively cover all areas of significance or relevance.

Now, if you look at all students of the same age and assess their growth over a period of time, you’ll notice that there are various degrees of development. Some students will make minimal development, whereas others make moderate development, but a few will make extraordinary growth. However, it is essential to emphasize that improvements in students’ accomplishments are due to many other aspects as well, such as the quality of education, the resource availability, the value-added courses, and several other things that might influence a person’s growth. But, you will notice that students who attend and participate in

Value-added subjects have an edge over those who rely solely on the traditional curriculum.

Value-added Subject offers more knowledge, exposure, or growth that goes above and beyond the ‘ordinary.’ It introduces students to the recent developments, and prepares them to meet industry expectations while also expanding their individual inclinations and abilities. It also allows them to gain new skills and experience in their chosen field of study. These additional skills and abilities enhance their personality. Furthermore, it is beneficial for students in an interview because it will help them to improve their resume and give them something more to talk about during the interview, which may intrigue the interviewer; after all, companies will give preference to students with skills or experience apart from GPA or examination results.

Therefore, each and every person should make the most of this opportunity, overtake everyone and stand apart from the rest by adding more value to their personality, skills, knowledge and resume because it is rightly said that “Not adding value is the same as taking away.”


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