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There appears to have been a lot of global uncertainty and precarity all across the world. COVID 19’s global ramifications have made our huge planet feel smaller than it has ever been in the past. Nonetheless, change is a common element in the wider arc of human history, as each generation or civilization confronts, or feels, the particular realities at the moment. I once read that ‘change is the only constant in life.’ Regardless of one’s perspective on humanity, moments of instability always push people to their limits; they demand adaptation, coping, and resilience; they erode trust, erode hope, and induce despair. Yet on the flip side instability can promote social ties and support, spark social movements, instigate us to bring out better solutions, inspire new ways of thinking about and experiencing life, and result in novel solutions to personal and communal issues at large.

The unprecedented COVID19 pandemic has made our lives go haywire and one of the starking repercussions is the transition to virtual life. Yet in this distorted crisis, we must remember that there is light at the end of every tunnel. Validating the point, we have swiftly accumulated virtual life. Somebody has rightly said that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. With centuries-old, lecture-based approaches to teaching, entrenched institutional biases, and antiquated classrooms, the gradual rate of change in academic institutions throughout the world is deplorable. COVID-19, on the other hand, has become a catalyst for educational institutions all around the world to seek new solutions in a short period. This pandemic has brought out a much-needed change in the education system. 

Adapting to virtual college at first seemed difficult but SCMS Noida made sure to make the whole process easy and comfortable. Apart from the regular classes, we were allowed to work on experiential learning projects. Experiential learning is the most important aspect of acquiring information through the art of implementing theoretical concepts. It focuses on certain teaching approaches that are thought to improve individuals’ learning abilities. Project-Based Learning is a cutting-edge teaching strategy that connects students’ experiences with business life and stimulates serious thoughts while they gain new knowledge. This ensures the holistic development of an individual and gives them a glimpse of corporate life ahead. These projects involved real-time interactions with corporates to get a better understanding of the topic. We also had regular webinars in which guest speakers from all around the globe gave their views about industry trends. 

SCMS NOIDA has taken the lead in building worldwide links and networks in education in this era of globalization. Because today’s businesses are growing increasingly and are transformed to be multicultural and diversified. This exposure at the college level is necessary for students to break free from prejudices and stereotypes and learn to collaborate and work with individuals from different cultures. In the end, the college strongly believes that foreign experience leads to performative and experiential learning. Recently it concluded with a virtual COIL ( Collaborative Online International Learning ) course, which is a collaboration with a leading international university, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). 

These events not only give us knowledge, but also help in developing other traits such as teamwork, time management, public speaking, team leadership, and so on. These events give us an excellent opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for the college. Although the methods differ, the ultimate effect is the same: a more confident version of yourself and a better person than yesterday.


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