Which is the best specialization in BBA?

BBA is one of the most popular programmes and there are a number of specializations like Marketing, Business Analytics, International Business, Finance and Human Resource available for students who aspire to venture into the world of business or management. In this increasingly competitive environment, being specialized in a specific field is getting more important than in the past so plan it wisely as it’s an important career milestone and can shape your career in the best possible way. Specialization determines the types of jobs for which you will be eligible in the future. It helps you in deciding which field you want to get in ahead of your management career. Planning the specialization depends primarily upon the area of interest you have in business management studies and the personality traits you carry.

Finance can be the right path if you are a creative problem-solver and are interested in maths and statistics. Marketing can be the array for people who have strong interpersonal skill set and like to sneak out in the world since it all about how you relate with people around you. A person who is persistent and has curiosity to learn at every point of time is also suitable for the marketing specialization. If you think you can play with big data and want to know the world of coding and programming then opt for Business Analytics also those who can make sound judgement and have active listening skill can go for it too. If you have qualities like capacity to negotiate, listening efficiency and are also good at handling people around you and want to influence them then human resource can be the best area of choice for you. If you want to learn about the logistics, export and import then international business is the most appropriate field for the one.

The second primary aspect on which ones decision is based is money whether the job is materialistic or not, will it fulfill my basic necessities for some people this becomes their primary reason for choosing a certain field of specialization. The other aspects on which ones decision can rely are what opportunities does that particular specialization provides in the present and the future, does it provides to you growth in  the future and will that specialization enhance my knowledge, skills and overall personality? Will that specialization have job security or not? Make sure whichever specialization you plan to take has a good scope in the industry you are working in. Planning to take up the right specialisation and going ahead with that in the future makes it easier for you to get the desired job in that field. It is very important to plan the specialization of your interest because what you choose matters a lot in your journey of becoming a successful BBA student.

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA believes that showing the right path to its students that can change their destiny. Keeping this in mind Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA is organizing a five- day online event from 19th-23rd April 2021 called Carve a Niche: Plan your Specialization for the first-year students of batch 2020-23. This event will familiarize as well as introduce the students to the different specializations available to them at Symbiosis NOIDA. To make the decision easier of choosing the right specialization and to guide the students through it, industry experts will be invited from various fields.

So, what you choose today will change your tomorrow. Select wisely!!


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