WORK SIMPLIFICATION – Process and Challenges

We all want our work to get simplified. We all want to remove unnecessary complexities and get the work done on time. But have you ever thought about how can we do so? What all processes it take? Well, I have answered all these questions here.

Work simplification is nothing but an organized approach to achieving goals without wasting any resources like time, money, effort and energy. It just focuses on simpler and better ways of doing work.

It has become one of the most needed aspects of today’s hectic schedule. Work simplification is pervasive. It is applicable incorporates, institutes, even in our homes.

It does not only eliminate wastage of various resources but also brings improvements and developments in our day to day work processes.

Now the question arises, “How to bring simplification to our work”?

The answer to such a question can be broken down into 3 easy steps. So, let me take you towards the processes of work simplification.

1. Eliminate what all not needed or things which don’t add value to your work.

2. Bring sequential arrangement to the rest of the processes.

3. Try to simplify the remaining necessary steps.

But work simplification is not that easy, there are certain complications to it. Major of all is “resistance to change”. Many people are not open to changes due to criticism, unwillingness to adopt new changes in the techniques, fear of losing their job, etc. In such cases, this “resistance” becomes a huge obstacle.

How to cope with such obstacles?

I think the best way to cope is to “cope up with the challenges faced by the employees”. That’s because every organization has financial resources and financial assets. But it is the “Human Resources” who manage the work and this is how the two organizations are differentiated.

Ultimately people have to utilize the resources and simplify the work.

So we need to see what can we do for Human Resources to achieve “Work Simplification”

Here we go with the solutions –

An open mind – It is majorly about listening to new ideas, and opinions and keeping your mind open to new learnings, upgrading your existing skills with an attitude of facing the challenges with complete planning and preparations.

Question yourself at every step – What all things to be considered before choosing an option? What are all better alternatives are available? Is there any better way to achieve our goal? Is this step really required? Can I make my work process even simpler?

Security to the employees – If there is any change proposed in the organization, it is the duty of the employees that they completely accept and understand the change so that they don’t have a fear of losing their job.

Teamwork – When the people involved in the existing system work together with the “change bringers”, fear of criticism is easily avoidable.

High involvement of the employees – The most important method of removing obstacles smoothly and successfully is to ensure maximum participation of the people. This can be done by involving them in decision making, planning, welcoming suggestions, etc. This is a key step where motivating them to accept changes can be achieved. Thus, work simplification can be implemented successfully in all the organizations if certain aspects are considered sincerely. It will not only improve the efficiency of the resources like time, money and effort, but it will also keep the employees satisfied and up to date.


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